Why Should You Choose Freedom Paper Company?

Why Should You Choose Freedom Paper Company?-The Benefits of Using Recycled Paper Products

FPC Logo- Final-JPG-5-16-14Why should you choose Freedom Paper Company? Well our website outlines numerous reasons but for the safety of your family and our planet Freedom Paper Company is the choice you should not overlook. Don’t take our word for it. Look what the organization Greenpeace said in this article entitled, “The Benefits of Using Recycled Paper Products”.

Americans use 50 million tons of paper per year, consuming over 850 million trees to produce that paper. Is it possible that we could adopt a more conservative approach to our paper uses and needs? One excellent step in the right direction would be to start using recycled paper for all home and business needs.

Recycled paper, instead of requiring virgin wood pulp from trees, is produced from the wastepaper generated by paper mills, print shops, envelope makers, homes, and businesses. Papermaking is essentially the same for both recycled and non-recycled papers, only the process for preparing the fiber is different for recycled paper. The process used in making recycled paper is what can help save our natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.

The facts speak for themselves. Making recycled paper produced from waste paper, rather than making new paper from virgin wood pulp, saves trees, uses 30-70 percent less energy, 50 percent less water, reduces air pollution related to making that paper by 95 percent and water pollution by 35 percent, reduces acid rain, reduces garbage overload thus saving landfill space, and creates 5 times as many jobs. For example, 1 ton of paper made from 100 percent wastepaper, rather than from virgin fiber, saves 17 trees, 4100 kwh energy (enough to power the average home for six months), 7,000 gallons of water, 60 pounds of air polluting effluents, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, and taxpayer dollars that would have been used for the cost of waste disposal.

Not only does recycled paper save natural resources, but it is also a much less toxic process than conventional paper making practices. Because wastepaper fibers are already whitened, recycling mills use approximately 75 percent less bleach than non-recycling papermills. Most recycling mills use bleaching chemicals that do not produce dioxins as a by-product of the de-inking process, whereas virgin paper goes through an extensive bleaching process to produce bright white paper. This bleaching process is responsible for producing a number of toxic by-products, especially dioxins.

We could radically improve the quality of our environment simply by choosing to use recycled paper products instead of virgin paper. Recycled paper offers the same high-quality as virgin paper products with no compromise. Recycled paper is virtually indistinguishable from virgin
paper. You may be using recycled paper and not even realize it. Most commercial printers report that recycled paper’s performance was equal to or better that that of non-recycled paper. However, because the public’s demand for recycled paper has been low, most large paper manufacturers do not bother to produce it, and the recycled paper now available tends to be a bit higher priced.

Let’s make a change by raising the demand for recycled paper products. Pay the extra price when necessary and purchase/support recycled paper products and the companies offering them. When you take our environment and our health into consideration, no effort is too large and no price is too high!

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