Quarterly rebates to organizations

School incentive programs to earn rebates

Personal and family rebate programs

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“What if the people at the bottom of the economic ladder decided not to be there any more and a company built for not just the wealth of a few but rather for the enrichment of the many helped to start the process by spreading its wealth? What would you have? You would have Freedom Paper Company LLC” Seku Muhammad, CEO


The goal of our community incentive program is to spread and share the wealth with our vital and important organizations such as churches, mosques, synagogues, social help organizations and schools. Our wish is to help the everyday man or woman who support an economically sound, quality product.


Donate and show your support to Freedom Paper Company. Your contribution will greatly help our efforts to serve our community and customers with quality products that helps create jobs and opportunities right here in USA.

Freedom Paper Company continues to support what we need more of
"Community Organization". If we really want change and betterment of our
community, our money will talk more than our mouths. We expand the product
line. Buy any Freedom Brand Bathroom Tissue Package of 48 rolls or more,
or the Freedom Economy Pack and 10% of all purchases will be donated to
Mr. Freddie Gray's family.


Freedom Paper Company's salute to community organization!