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earth-661447_1280At Freedom Paper Company we are committed to sustainability not only of our planet earth but of life and that includes the lives of your family and ours. Many people don’t know but when you choose, Freedom Paper Company, you not only choose high quality products with great prices; but you also choose to give your family products that have some of the lowest probability of causing negative heath effects due to how products are made. Freedom Paper Company Brand, Paper Products don’t have poisons like “Dioxins”.

“Dioxins” are a chemical family of 75 members, the most potent of which was used in “Agent Orange,” a chemical used as a weapon by American troops in Vietnam. Dioxins are some of the most toxic chemicals known. In concentrations as low as 1 part per billion, dioxin can be fatal. Minute quantities of dioxins in our bodies can cause a number of conditions including cancer, birth defects, immune system disorders, serious skin rashes, acne, painful joints, and a host of systemic disorders. There is considerable concern about the health effects which can result when products containing dioxins come into contact with food or with sensitive parts of our bodies.

In the production of paper, the bleaching process is used to whiten the paper as well as to remove the “lignin” in wood pulp (lignin holds the wood fibers together to form a tree). In the United States, chlorine gas or chlorine derivatives are used for bleaching most paper products. Unfortunately, these chemicals are known to create dioxins as a byproduct of the bleaching process. According to a growing body of research, many of the common household paper products we use every day, such as paper towels, toilet paper, coffee filters, tea bags, disposable diapers, tampons, facial tissues, and milk cartons can contain traces of dioxin!

It is also important to mention that paper mills are among the largest water polluters, responsible for immense damage to our environment. Paper mills will often discharge dioxins as well as other wastes into nearby lakes, rivers, and streams, polluting the water and harming the fish and other wildlife in the water. Dioxin has been found in fish downstream of pulp and paper mills, making the fish unsafe for human consumption. Crops can also be contaminated from being irrigated with water containing dioxins. There are a number of incidents related to dioxin contamination and the tremendous pain and grief it has caused those who have suffered its effects.

All bleached paper products made from virgin pulp may be a potential source of dioxin contamination, so be aware of this while shopping. Dioxins from any number of these products can get into our food and into our bodies. The remedy: Do not support the manufacturers who produce these products, and protect your own health by becoming a more educated consumer.

Avoid the hazard of dioxins by using recycled, unbleached or chlorine-free paper products. Recycled paper is believed to be free of dioxins. Find sources for and
purchase only recycled and unbleached paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels, and office paper.

At Freedom Paper Company we sell recycled and unbleached paper products. When you buy from Freedom Paper Company, you choose a truly “Holistic Reality” for all people. We support community growth through economic development, our earth through sustainability principles and practices, and the health of people by the production and sale of products that don’t destroy our being.
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Note: Part of this article taken from Greenpeace article on Dioxins

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