Freedom Paper Company LLC (FPC) is a privately owned distributor of bathroom tissue and other paper products headquartered in Baltimore Maryland. The company is unique from other corporations as it is born from the foundation of grassroots movement combined with the best of corporate culture and business acumen.

FPC has instituted a new business paradigm for the 21st century as it seeks to be profitable for its investors, while being conscious of both the environment and the communities it serves. The firm takes the approach of nature itself, never taking without giving back. Freedom Paper Company provides a multitude of benefits through its products including small business development and customer incentives.

Freedom Paper Company continues to support what we need more of
"Community Organization". If we really want change and betterment of our
community, our money will talk more than our mouths. We expand the product
line. Buy any Freedom Brand Bathroom Tissue Package of 48 rolls or more,
or the Freedom Economy Pack and 10% of all purchases will be donated to
Mr. Freddie Gray's family.


Freedom Paper Company's salute to community organization!